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featured services & solutions



One Time Service

This service typically takes care of Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Rats, and Mice. If you have pest problems that are more extensive see our monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service



Monthly Service

In the Northwest there is really no need for monthly pest control service, except for commercial applications. Even with the most severe problems a service program that is once every two months or even quarterly is adequate to solve almost any residential pest problem.



Bi-Monthly Service

This service is designed for difficult pest problems such as cockroaches, spiders, and in some special cases carpenter ants. This is a strong sufficient service that doesn’t break the bank. We pride ourselves in fixing the real issues causing the pests, we don’t just treat the symptoms.



Quarterly Service (most popular)

This program is designed for people want their homes to be both insect and rodent free all year long. This is our most popular plan because it offers our best guarantee! If anything gets in we take care of it at no charge! We work extremely hard to make sure that never happens!



Semi-annual Service

This popular service is designed for people who don’t have extensive pest problems but want to still maintain a high degree of pest elimination. This isn’t as extensive as our quarterly service,
however, not all homes require quarterly service. Contact us for our advice.



Annual Service

This service is designed for homeowners who don’t really have any significant pest problems, but like to do something once a year; just for a little peace of mind. This can be effective for sugar ants, wasps, Yellow Jackets, Box Elders, and in some cases, carpenter ants.


The best Portland Pest Control Service around!

In most cases we can determine the best solution for you right on the phone. It is way easier to find out what is bugging you (no pun intended) with just a quick call. Have a smart phone? Send us a picture to (971) 226-5993 or then call. I am the owner Ray, let’s get you pest free!